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Goran Grooves Handy Drums Midi Issue

Eric Parsons

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I just purchased Goran Grooves Handy Drums and some midi files.

The drum plugin has some nicely produced drum sounds and seems pretty straight forward.

I also purchased some midi files from Goran and here's where I'm having a problem.  The midi files are

available for download in both Type 0 and Type 1.  I have downloaded and tried to import both into

a midi track. 

 The type 0 midi file adds 9 separate midi tracks  -- 8 of them are empty and one has midi data.  

the type 1 midi file adds adds 4 separate midi tracks - two have data and two are empty.


The help screen on the Goran website mentions this issue with Cakewalk:


Meet Bandlab’s Cakewalk DAW. This is the clarification we received from their development team:

“Opening a MIDI file of type 0 will always split each channel into separate tracks. This is because back when hardware MIDI file players were popular, a lot of them only supported type 0, but users wanted to be able to edit them easily by having the tracks split out. Saving as type 0 would combine them again.

However, if you drag a MIDI file of type 0 into an existing project, it’ll keep it as a single clip. So the solution is always to drag/drop MIDI files of type 0 into your project if you want to keep it as a single track.“

While some DAWs add multiple empty tracks when faced with type 0 MIDI, others do it with type 1 MIDI.


Neither of these solutions work for me at present.

Question:  Has anybody else here run into this issue?  

I can import my other sources of drum midi files into the Goran Drum Plugin with no issues.  So, I think the issue is with

the Goran Midi files.  I will be contacting Goran support with this too, but wanted to see if anyone knows about some setting

in Cakewalk ( or something else) that would solve this.






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