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the best xmas lp evaar


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Jim Reeves

Burl Ives

Nat King Cole

Johnny Mathis

All the original albums. Johnny Mathis re-recorded some many years later but all the original albums are excellent. I have Elvis' Christmas album in the CD player of my truck now.  Been in there since I bought it at a thrift store .... last August. I appreciate him more and more and get the Elvis hysteria more and more as I get older. Maybe it's an aging thing.

And lastly The Crypt Keeper's Christmas Album. Gorey versions of classics done with the Crypt Keepers style and voice.

Those are my all time favorite Christmas albums. 2 years ago I bought a re-issue of Nat King Cole's Christmas album on vinyl. It's translucent green. Limited edition at Target of all places. I couldn't bring myself to open it so I just listen to the CD version I have but I'm dying to play it.

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