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Early Access Program Guidelines

Jesse Jost

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Thank you for your interest in the Cakewalk by BandLab Early Access Program! 

This program helps us get better real world test coverage from users, in order to improve the reliability and quality of our releases. Our users also get the benefit of trying out the latest Cakewalk updates, with the opportunity to provide helpful feedback prior to an official release.

Participation is, of course, 100% optional. If you would like to participate or learn more about the program, please review the following guidelines:

Installing Early Access software 
When an Early Access release is available, a download link will be provided in the announcement topic for a given release. Early Access announcements will be posted in this forum. You install the software as you would an official release, or simply ignore it until it is announced to the public.

  • A download link will be provided in the topic that announces the availability of a given Early Access release 
  • Early Access Installers will only update the full previous release version
  • To roll back to the previous release version, you will need to uninstall Cakewalk and reinstall from BandLab Assistant
  • In Cakewalk, Help > Check for update will display previous release build as the latest until final release
  • Cakewalk will present an "Update Available" notification when the final release version becomes available, if Notifications are enabled

Sharing feedback
Please post any feedback about Early Access builds in the Early Access Program forum, by replying directly to the topic in which the Early Access version is announced. 

Please do not contact customer support with issues in Early Access releases. Any issues should be exclusively reported by following the instructions noted above.

What is Early Access?
We release Early Access releases after the product has completed the beta testing phase and we have no outstanding blocking issues.
Cakewalk by BandLab has a separate beta program, comprised of members who provide feedback through a variety of perspectives and test scenarios.  Beta is also available to dozens of major software and hardware companies.

In Early Access releases, all features have been completed and tested. This phase permits us to get extended feedback from a much wider user base and find any system specific issues that may have been missed by beta testing. As such, since there is a small possibility of bugs being found, if you are working under a production deadline we don't recommend using an Early Access release. Of course, we provide a roll back capability for Early Access so it's always possible to go back to the last stable release.

Duration of Early Access period
We release Early Access builds when we are very close to deploying a new release, typically about a week out, barring any unexpected findings.

Thank you!
The Bakers

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