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Rapture Pro - The following samples could not be loaded


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Hello Cakewalk community and hope you are good.

So basically have Rapture Pro installed with the libraries (Dimension Pro, Rapture Pro, Rapture Legacy)

Now I'd like to finally fix these missing sounds from the libraries so enabling logs in Rapture Pro states some strange directory paths and samples which are not in any of the libraries.

May I ask does anyone have Rapture Pro with the libraries installed and could replicate this issue for example.

1. Enable logs in Rapture Pro (Located at Rapture Pro instrument 'Options')

2. Navigate to Dimension Pro - Atmospheric - CB Bass Undertow (An error log should generate) In the log it states 'The following sample could not be loaded' from Element 3 with a random string.

3. Navigate to Dimension Pro - Atmospheric - Confusion  (An error log should generate) In the log it states  'The following sample could not be loaded' from Element 2 C:\sample pool\noise.wav (I don't have any Rapture Pro library in C drive and I don't have any file named noise.wav either.

So I have literally selected every .prog file in Rapture Pro with logs enabled and copied all log errors, quite a large list of missing samples.

Please help as this is a great VST instrument.

Thanks again and hope to speak soon. 

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