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STL Tones Ignite Libra

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STL IGNITE - LIBRA is a zero latency, Impulse Response Mixer, designed to be used as a multi-cabinet  + microphone simulator for Guitar and Bass (pre)amplifiers (AAX/AU/VST/VST3 including hardware). It has been designed to perform pristine quality convolution in real time, while being extremely light on CPU and easy to use, providing advanced built-in filters and delay controls to let Guitarists and Bassists shape their tone with ease. 

$49 Intro Price


•    Zero Latency     
•    Low CPU usage     
•    Mono and Stereo support     
•    Automatic resampling for IRs with different sample rates     
•    High-quality analog shaped filters     
•    Automatic phase recognition and flipping for negative phase IRs     
•    Selectable delay for phase interactions between loaded IRs     
•    Continuous graphical morphing control between loaded IRs     
•    Global input level and single IR level controls     
•    Fully automatable controls



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Posted (edited)

Oh oh....this is not looking good (for my wallet).


I wish these guys like Ola would show what they use from the input stage with whatever he used to get the initial tone, and THEN add the Ignite Libra to his sound. His tones all sound great even without Libra as it's a well mixed track. When you hear this you just want to buy it, but I don't get anywhere near this straight out of the box (even with a little/lot of tweaking).....Of course, that's not going to hold me back in getting this. :P

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