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[Solved] How can I assign music keyboard keys to operate transport?

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Anyone familiar with this?


I believe I did this long ago for someone, but senior memory is in operation.


I'm thinking it uses control surfaces? Maybe the mackie control?


I've never used ACT so I really don't know how to use it.


Any help would be appreciated!





Interesting. I think I can do this with a keyboard shortcut but will have to switch back for alpha key shortcuts?




I'm missing something. I can't seem to get this working either way. Anyone?


Edit 3:


Ahhh! Success!


Using Cakewalk Generic Controller in Control Surfaces.

Editing it's settings:

Selected the function

Selected note option

Hit the key I wished to use

clicked learn

Repeated the above for each command





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Posted (edited)

You can do it in Keyboard Shortcut preferences:


Of course you can use ACT as well, but this may be easier to set up.

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