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How to setup Key Switch + Drum map templates

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If you have them or willing to creates them, Seeking Key Switch + drum maps for:

  • Garritan GPO5
  • Kontakt Library 5

"will pay" is used to avoid lectures about 'learning it yourself, or it's easy".

If the Drum map is selected as Output, PRV does not draw midi notes, only drum notes.
example: Clicking on the drum map name "Tremolo" send midi info, but is not changing the articulation in Kontakt.

Drum Map Key Switch Note Equivalencies  Orchestral --> Violin Ensemble

1 = C0 = Sustain (no it needs to change to 24 = C2)
2 = C#0/Db = Fortepiano
3 = D0 = Sforzando
4 = D#0/Eb = Staccato
5 = E0 = Tremolo
6 = F0 = Pizzicato


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