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CBB & External Hard Drives

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Hi All,

Re: CBB Splat & External Hard Drives

Have started to think about moving some things like Audio Library from Sonar Content to an external hard drive - my computer needs a real clean up

So just wondering how others are using external hard drives with CBB or Splat and what they are moving to the HD 

Re: Acer Computers (Laptop): (Sorry just another quick Q)

Something I came across the other day on my Acer computer was a program called Clear Fi - which seemed to have over 4Gb's of Dim Pro which I had to delete a couple of days ago i.e. there seems to be some kind of doubling up on the storage (not got round to fixing the DimPro problem yet) - anybody come across this program and what did they do with it i.e. delete/keep

Thanks for any advice/opinions





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