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No sound from APC KEY25 + Xpand!2 but matrix keys works like main 25 keys


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Can anyone help me with my APC KEY25?
When I use controller on Ableton Live Lite my Xpand!2 VST works like it should. Keys gives sound but when I use controller on Cakewalk with Xpand!2 VST the function buttons (matrix buttons) works as keys and the main 25 keys don't give any sound.
If someone got this problem I will be glad to see a solution to use Xpand!2 on Cakewalk DAW.
Thank you,


Edit, forgot to mention, that other instruments, like Hybrid works normal on Cakewalk.

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Found a "semi" solution, thanks to this video:


"How to ROUTE MIDI in Cakewalk by Bandlab!!"

In short:

1. change workspace to 2,

2. insert instrument Xpand!2,

3. insert MIDI track,

4. replace Output from "1-APC Key 25" to "2-Xpand!2 1",

5. replace MIDI channel from "NONE" to "1: X-Pand!2".



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Just FYI: Xpand!2 is a 4-part multi-timbral instrument.

Your pic above shows that Xpand!2 preset using a different MIDI channel, i.e., "1-2-3-4" on each part. If the MIDI channels in your CW MIDI tracks are only sending out on ch 1, only Xpand!2 part 1 will play back in this case. All parts in Xpand!2 can be set in the plugin UI to use the same channel (or any channel 1-4), as can the CW MIDI tracks.

Best solution here is to line up the channels used in both CW & Xpand!2 in order for all parts to play. Most non-multi instruments only respond to ch 1 (while some respond to omni, or any), but with multis such as this you will need to match the channels up.

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