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EW Hollywood OPUS Diamond $251.16 at JRR

Brian Lawler

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8 hours ago, LasWaltz said:

Diamond...or BBC Core? Decissions...

The correct way to go about this is to buy either one, it doesn't matter which. Then play with it until you realize that it's not quite what you're looking for, so you buy the other one too. After playing with those you will feel like you're still missing something, so you go looking for another library. After buying whatever you settled on there will be another honeymoon period, until you notice that you're not really happy with some of the articulations and also the legato is lacking, especially when doing faster passages. And you really need some better solo instruments. So you go looking for another library...

Buying orchestral libraries is a path paved with regret and disappointment, no matter how many hours you spend on doing research.

In all seriousness: If your usage is limited either one may be all you ever need and some of the cheaper libraries may serve you equally well. The common consensus seems to be that HO is better suited for film scoring and BBCSO for traditional orchestral music, but HO might be a better all rounder.

There are plenty of threads at VI-Control comparing the two, so spending some time there is recommended to get a better idea what's what.

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