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Dim Pro loses Program Browser items if I use a Skin

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New free Cakewalk Version 2019.01 build 27, 64 bit. Win 7 Home Prem 64-bit

I dl'd a skin from http://dimension.technetos.com/skin/zip/Dimensionpro-skin-whitefalcon-White.zip and changed the Resources folder to "Resources-standard" then dropped all the skin files into the Resources folder..... I _think_ it left me with the Dim Pro Program Browser ok, but I was doing a lot of experim....exploring....and I am not sure.

Whatever....now I open Dim Pro and the Program Browser is empty. So I reverted to the stock UI (by replacing the Resources folder with a "Resources-standard" folder re-named back to "resources". Dim Pro worked again.

Was it just that skin, or is this what happens? The stock UI is all blue ink on black background and sucks.


Thanks for any help.

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