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Kenny, you be jammin' good, here !


And its so cool that you were inspired by PF Sloan's classic Secret Agent Man. I was struck by that song the first time I heard it (as a 7th grader) as the theme song for the eponymous forgotten TV show. It had a droning, exotic feel that   I now attribute to it being played in Dorian mode. During the only brief band experience I have had, my only contribution to the set list was SAM. We played it once live, and I was so uptight that I absolutely boogered the vocal. That is my only experience singing a solo in public.

I posted a version on the old CW forum a while back:


BTW, I saw Johnny Rivers in Vegas @ Boulder Station, 2006. God was he good! The droning intro to SAM was the intro to the whole show and the full song was the climax. Great live musician and singer, JR is.


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