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No deal - best organic synths


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13 hours ago, Kal Elle said:

Sonic Academy Ana 2 has a trial. This synth has lots of what you're asking, among other things ofc.

I think Fleer is attracted to nice UIs.  Sonic Academy’s Ana 2 ver 2.5 is a very attractive looking synth.  The UI is very appealing.  The sound is also very good. The number of preset packs for it is fairly limited.

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20 minutes ago, lawajava said:

Sonic Academy’s Ana 2 ver 2.5 is a very attractive looking synth.  The UI is very appealing.  The sound is also very good

One of the biggest new things I've heard about Ana 2.5 is the multi-sample import. That will open some new doors for sound design. https://www.sonicacademy.com/products/ana-2-multisample-expansion-pack

From beautifully organic sampled Steinway pianos and classic guitars to bespoke recorded choirs and strings, this expansion pack gives you 30 incredibly detailed sampler instruments and 100 massive brand-new presets.
These awe-inspiring presets blend the power of new technology with the emotion of exquisitely crafted source samples to produce a completely new and complex sound palette for this cult hero synth.
Use these sampler instruments to dream up new sound worlds across three available multi-sampling oscillators, or go even more multilayered, blending the first three subtractive / FM oscillators to create mind-blowing soundscapes - all in one synth.

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1 hour ago, Jan Schmitz said:

Every new synth is essentially just a preset pack!

Right, for me that is one of the reasons I like Synthmaster, V Collection and AAS synths. After paying the "entry price" (I want the presets to be fully tweakable), they open up a very nice collection of "new synths" for a pretty reasonable price

Sometimes, instead of finding a new synth and then preset packs, I do it in reverse - find sound designers I like (e.g., Nori Ubukata) and preset packs that sound great, then get the synth where they run.

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1 hour ago, abacab said:

Define "organic synth". ;)

Are you referring to the sound characteristics, or the GUI and workflow? I looked at your list and it covers quite a broad range of what I would consider to be diverse synth categories.

Regarding synth sounds, in my mind "organic" would most likely be a hybrid of synthesis and samples, ideally with those samples taken from real-world environment "found" sounds. Examples like Iris and Biotek come to mind. Secondly, I would consider anything that created atmospheric or cinematic soundscapes, that evoke an "organic" emotional response.

Your comments about Abyss and Novum would also imply a preference for an "organic" workspace, and these would also meet the sound characteristics that are implied by the same. But many of the other synths in you preference list do not seemingly have an "organic" workspace. Maybe I' being too analytical here, LOL! 🤣

Definitely not judging here, as I'm sincerely curious. I have over 100 soft synths myself, with some preferences of mine having changed over the years. Unfortunately I like most of them...

Doesn't that have something to do with the soil they are grown?

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