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the above audio/midi device was disconnected from your system


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I was trying to record 9 audio tracks (drums) today and  Cakewalk would keep giving me this error:



The above Audio/MIDI device was disconnected from your system.  Would you like Cakewalk to reroute these outputs to an available  device?

Clicking 'No' allows Cakewalk to remember output settings to this device.

Note: If playback is in progress, clicking 'Yes' will stop the  transport.

I would normally click 'Yes' and then  it would reconnect to my interface  (Roland Studio Capture) and I could try again.  But time after time, the same thing would happen. Sometimes right away, sometimes after a couple minutes, sometimes I could even finish a complete take. Clicking 'No' didn't make any difference. It just meant that I had to restart Cakewalk.

My laptop is recording to a USB 3.0 external SSD (Toshiba) and I've  done this successfully in the past. The laptop has 16 GB of RAM and is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (with the latest update that went out this week).

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Oh man I hope you're right! I was thinking maybe I should try and get a new USB cable, but  I had a hard time imagining how it could have gone bad.

I will report back after I try again with a new cable.

Thanks again!

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