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Drum loop continues too long - beyond notes visible in project track

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I am using a Cakewalk drum loop from SI-Drums. I had created a groove clip from it and all was fine until a couple of minutes ago when:

1. It now carries on playing for about another 10 seconds after the loop ceases to show any notes in the track.

2. I inserted a separate midi track into which I wanted to drop some drum fills from the sample midi loops from the Cakewalk media browser. These wouldn't play despite being in a separate track. 

3. Freezing and unfreezing the SI-Drums track affects the separate midi track inserted for the drum fills. Not sure why this would be...I haven't linked these tracks in any way. 

Any ideas?


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Posted (edited)

Do you have a project file you can upload?  I can try to see if I can figure out what is happening.  Use a file hosting service, like Dropbox or Google Drive, and then post the link to download it here in this thread.

If you think I need the whole project folder, then I suggest creating a new compressed folder, and then copying the contents of your actual project folder into the compressed folder, and then upload that.

If instead, you think I would have what I need to test out your midi data playing issues, without needing the whole folder, then just upload the file ending in '.cwp', as that is the extension for a Cakewalk project file.

If you are not comfortable with posting a download link in an open forum, you can shoot me a private message through the forum, and then it would only be visible to me.  

I will keep an eye out for either a download link here, or one in a private message, and will do my best to figure out what is happening.

Bob Bone


Edited by Robert Bone
Offered the notion of sharing the download link privately :)

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