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Editing Drum Maps as text files.

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I have seen a question about editing Drum Maps as text (for convenience). And I have realized I have almost everything to create corresponding utility:

How to use:

  1. Create Drum Map in Cakewalk, with desired Instruments/Ports/Channels/patches defined. So, create at least one key mapping for each distinct Port/Channel pair. Name mappings the way you can recognize in text form (which mapping is for which port/channel). Save this drum map as preset (to create .map file)
  2. Run the utility with map file as the only parameters, f.e. cakedm MyMap.map. That should create MyMap.txt file.
  3. Copy text file, so you know it is edited version (the file name will be new map name).
  4. Edit text file. From previously defined key mappings you will notice the format, "Name",InNote,OutNote,Channel(zero based),Port[,Shift,Scale]. Do not insert extra spaces in mapping lines (all lines not started with " are comments). So copy/paste existing line and change name, in and out notes.
  5. Run the utility to produce new map: cakedm MyMap.map MyNewMap.txt. Note you need to specify original map and edited text file.
  6. Restart Cakewalk so its see new map.


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