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issues with vst scan x86 plugins hanging in vst scan

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Just got a new computer windows 10 home and i'm trying to get everything back up and running. I've been having a issue with loading my mono plugins folder. It seems to hang on random plugin.  Please help


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Sounds like maybe an authorization thing.

You could try copying all the 32-bit plugins off to a newly-created folder that isn't included in the VST scan path in the plugin manager, then deleting the 32-bit plugins from the folder that IS currently included in the VST scan path, and then trying to add back in, say 10 or 20 32-bit plugins back into that folder (copying them over from the folder you had saved them all in).

This way, you could kind of work your way through a few at a time, where if any batch of 10-20 got hung, you could pull those back out of the scanned folder, and try maybe 5 of those again, or 2, or 8, or some smaller number from that last batch that had failed, repeating this until you were able to build up that scanned folder again with only those 32-bit plugins that scanned successfully.  Then, you would be able to work out why the specific ones you were able identify as causing the VST scan to hang, had issues.....

I hope the above makes sense.  I do think that licensing can be a frequent cause of these kinds of issues, but if you are just now moving all of those 32-bit plugins to a 64-bit Windows, then some of those 32-bit plugins could just freak out at running bridged in a 64-bit environment.

IF you determine that the failing to scan is primarily caused  by bridging with the Cakewalk-included Bit-Bridge, you could also consider buying the commercially available bridging software called J-Bridge, which can often give better results for some 32-bit plugins (it runs about $20, but do keep in mind that it won't be able to help ALL 32-bit plugins run in a 64-bit Cakewalk).

SO, for whatever the worth, I keep the vast majority of 32-bit plugins in a VST32 folder, in Program Files (X86), but I only keep a folder I named Bridged in the VST scan path in the Cakewalk Plugin Manager, and the only plugins that are kept there, and thereby available for Cakewalk projects), are those 32-bit plugins that I have tested and found stable for use in a 64-bit Cakewalk.  If I find a need for some additional 32-bit plugin, mostly from those in my VST32 folder, but sometimes newly-downloaded off the web, I will add just that individual 32-bit plugin to the Bridged folder, and will make sure it works, before allowing it to remain there for general use in projects.  This keeps MY system quite stable......Doesn't help my composition or playing skills, but at least I am not crashing or hanging due to 32-bit plugins.  :)

Bob Bone


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