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Eve Ripper

SonicCharge Cyclone sampler

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I may say that i'm in some retro, but here's another sampler that I would like to use:

https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/433-a-blast-from-the-pas - it's called Cyclone, which is based on  Yamaha TX16W Sampler.

The most needable feature is to record samples in it... But there's no way to sample VST and other stuff.

http://forum.cakewalk.com/Solved-How-to-use-vocoder-in-SONAR-m3506514.aspx - There's a thread about using TAL Vocoder in Sonar. Today I am trying to record my bass guitar to Cyclone Sampler. Because there's no feature like send VSTi  audio to VSTi, it's gonna be a little complicated.

1. I insert Cyclone as audio FX

2. I enable MIDI input in that

3. Enable Echo input of my bass guitar

4. Starting to sample, I setup gain level in that sampler.

5. I see indicators are moving. And then...

6.White noise sound. 

So does anybody can share their tips?

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