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PA - Deal of a lifetime?


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26 minutes ago, Greg said:

I have gotten a couple of emails about PA bundles offer expiring 11/14 but there is not indication of what is changing. Anyone know?

The $9.99 a month/$99 a year one, that includes access to all their plugins and three free plugins per year, is going up significantly in price. Much more so than the $29 Forever club, this one is one that people may regret not getting later. I haven't gotten it, but now that I'm thinking about it, it's hard to think of any downsides other than that it might be possible to get three plugins for less than $29 if you are very lucky and don't end up buying any that you don't really need (which seems inevitable). 

If Roland Cloud was priced like this, it'd be a no-brainer haha. 

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Personally I am tremendously disappointed in PA subscription "deals", as they just change the terms whenever it gets convenient (case in point, how forever29 changed from "any plugin in our store that is not PA_EXT" to "any plugin in the XL bundle"). And they changed the terms after the fact, without any previous announcement. Even after reaching out to support, their answer essentially is "that's the deal, some of the plugins newly added to the store are now excluded, because we say so now and regardless of what we said when you purchased it"

Once they have shown that they cannot be trusted to keep their word, you can start extrapolating and it gets pretty ugly. Who's to say that in a few months they won't start, e.g., excluding premium plugins from what you can purchase with the subscription vouchers, or changing the expiration terms so that you have to use existing vouchers right away (or lose them completely if you read the message too late), or both at the same time, or...

When they arbitrarily go back on a subscription deal, our only recourse is taking them to court, which is a lot of a hassle, and for a small claim like this, a court won't really force them to honor the deal, at best I'd expect to get a refund.

PA, specifically, has done an awesome job of reinforcing the idea that I am better off with permanent licenses

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Been on the same subscription for 3 years. They still renew it under the same legacy terms, despite the new subscriptions. Easy. Now own (or received for free) 71 of their plugins with the subscription vouchers, from $600 invested in subscription and one additional purchase of Soundwide bundle. So about $10 / plugin over 3 years. Those original subscriptions were fantastic, especially using those vouchers during megasales. It's really too bad they got rid of them.

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I hate subscriptions, left Adobe years ago, cut my loses with Waves and don't use them nor am interested in them at all (as their fees are just another way of subscription)... But having said that, I think I'll go with PA 99$ / year subscription with this kind of logic: Have most stuff I need and some old plugins still sound great, so not that many great really new and useful plugins are needed to be had for me... they just bring another flavour to the table... and my skillet is sorted with the spices already. So, if I feel there are three (3) plugins I want to purchase at the time of taking and / or renewing the subscription, I will do that... each costs 33 $, that's an ok price for me. The bonus is, I get all the other stuff to demo properly on real projects for a year and all the possible new releases. If PA decides to restricts and limits the possibility to use some new stuff within the subscription, it's their loss... I wont renew, they lost any further money from me! Done.

So paying up front for a year gives me 3 plugins for 99$ right away, everything else is a bonus, if at next renewal there isn't anything within my subscription that I'm interested to make at least the 3 plugins to be purchased further... I'm out. 

Learned the hard way... trust the offer what you have on the table, not the offer promised.... I don't trust anyone, they are all up for grabbing my money one way or the other. I govern to whom it goes. This hype and urgency of sales is funny and quite intimidating one's intellect... Sad world out there! Remember protection gals and guys!

Love from Finlandia!


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