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Izotope Symphony

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Symphony may be the most powerful reverb ever offered. It adds warmth and character to any mix, bringing it to new life. And it provides greater user control then ever before. New dynamic capabilities allow your mixes to have even greater clarity.

Here are a few of the new features:

Mono, Stereo, LCR, LCRS, Quad, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1, SDDS.

Expanded EQ, building on the popular R4 architecture. Not only have we added bandpass and notch filters on the early reflections and tails, but we've also added an input EQ to help keep undesired elements out of the reverb.

Dense and powerful early reflection control -- twice as dense as R2Surround. There's a unique reflection pattern from every input to every output. You'll never worry about compatible fold-down.

As with all Exponential Audio reverbs every single reverb channel is decorrelated. You don't have to worry about color changes when that mix comes down to stereo--or mono. This becomes more and more important as channel counts go up and mix time goes down.

Tail modulation comes in multiple forms, both subtle and obvious. You can have the character of vintage reverbs (without the noise) and with channel counts hardware couldn't give you.

EQ modulation of the early reflections and tail. Dedicated LFOs allow you to add anything from subtle color changes to dramatic sweeps.

Freeze. Grab the tail and run it as long as you want. Sustain a tone, a chord or a room tone.

Dynamic control with tail-suppression (expanded from NIMBUS). Your mix will keep itself clear.

Warp, to add even more timbral and dynamic control. Warp incorporates a compander, an overdrive circuit and even word-size reduction. You can turn it on and off whenever you need it.

More stem options. Not only can you have mono-in/surround out. You can easily generate a surround reverb from LCR input. Or a 7.0 output from 5.0 input. There are even more options.

Optional tempo control of predelay and reverb delay. Rhythmic score? You'll be surprised how much pop you can add without needing a calculator by your side.

Presets--whether factory presets or your own user presets--work in all surround formats. If you've worked hard on a 5.0 preset, it's going to sound great in 7.1 or Atmos--without modification.
30% off
$293.41 with code GROUP at JRR

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Note: JRR doesn't mention Exponential Audio is now a part of iZotope .

Per iZotope:
iZotope acquired the assets of Exponential Audio, including all Exponential Audio products. In addition, Michael Carnes, founder of Exponential Audio became an iZotope employee, and will be working on developing new products with iZotope in the future. 

This lists for $499 on iZotope's website:

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Just wanted to point this out, in case it's important to anyone; from the FAQ:


Exponential Audio products do require iLok License Manager for activation, but they do NOT require an iLok USB key. EA products can be authorized via iLok License Manager to iLok USB keys v2 or later, or directly to your computer's hard drive.


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