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Izotope RX10 advanced update to 10.2.0 (not a deal)

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RX 10 Advanced Release Notes

Version 10.2.0 released November 7, 2022

Improvements & Updates

  • Added localized tooltips in French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • Updated Japanese help documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where transcription would restart on changing tabs, or clicking 'show channels separately'
  • Fixed issue where transcription would not trigger a dirty state for the RX session
  • Fixed a crash in Spectral Editor ARA if the 'undo' button was pressed before audio was learned
  • Fixed a crash if transcription was enabled on an empty file
  • Fixed issue where markers would shift to the start of the file if you pasted at the beginning of a file

Known Issues

  • Any files or RX docs opened or saved in RX 10.2.0 will not load in versions of RX prior to 10.2.0
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