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Basic CAL Script Question(s)

Sridhar Raghavan

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Apologies If if this is already answered some where else.  I am returning after a few months of being immersed in another front. 

I was able to figure out and solve the problems of Korg Style Selection/Control, Instrument Selection by inserting appropriate MIDI messages in a track.  I will share a post on that, updating the topic from 6+ months ago. I can confirm that I do not need any updates to Korg Instrument file. 

So I am proceeding to create a convenient CAL script for inserting the Bank/Patch change message.

1) Does any one know if there is a CAL Script associated with that Menu command -- Insert-->Bank/Patch Change? So I can build on it?

2) I realized that CAL does not allow/support User Input of Strings (numbers are fine) and also does not support Operations on Strings. Can anyone confirm that I am right or that I am wrong?

3)  Built-in CAL Variable Now gives the time/location of the Cursor. Nice.  Is there a symbolic variable or some other  method, to know what the Current Track is?  (on which a user is invoking a Cal Script, a la here inserting Bank/Program change).

4) Also, as  far as I can see, various properties can be set to a Track. But how does one read the properties of a Track?  especially of the Current or Selected track?  Just does not look right that Track info is Write-Only and Cannot be read.

5) How do I add a Cal Script to the menu system -- so I can run it by clicking.. instead of Run Script and selecting it.

Thanks in advance



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