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Step Sequencer and Linked Clips

Derek Winters

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This is my first post so hope I am in the right place.

I am using Cakewalk ( Version: 2022.09 Build 027, 64 bit )

If I create a drum pattern using the Step Sequencer and the free Sitala drum synth, and then go into the track and create say a duplicate of 3 linked clips from the clip I just created ( using Copy Special and Paste Special ), I get the linked clips as expected, but as soon as I modify the initial clip, then all the Step Sequencer note events get duplicated, so one kick drum becomes 4 kick drum etc ( if that makes sense ).

I also get the same problem if I use the Drag / Drop linked clip creation method.

I'm hoping this is something I am doing wrong - I have looked in the docs but can't seem to find anything relating to it, but I could be looking or searching for the wrong doc content!

If I create a drum pattern using the Piano Roll then the linked clips all work as expected with no note duplications.

Thanks in advance - if the above is as clear as mud please tell me so and I will try to elaborate.




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I'm not sure what might have gone wrong to get that result, but I can't replicate it right offhand.

That said, Step Sequencer clips are already set up to allow 'rolling out' repetitions just be grabbing the right edge of the clip and dragging it. You can see that  a clip is "looped" to allow this (either as a Step Sequencer clip or a Groove Clip) by the beveled corners.

EDIT: On re-reading your post, I see I missed that the duplication happens when you make a change to the SS pattern. I can replicate that. Seems there is a logic error related to having linked step sequencer clips that are already inherently linked. If you paste without linking, they should still all take on changes made to any one of them because they are referencing the same Step Sequence. But ideally, you should just take advantage of the looping feature and only make copies if you need to have a gap in the repetition.

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