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Riff Richards

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Soundscape I createdย  using one looped track another using a Dubstep Growler virtual keyboard on Soundtrap & some Dream Theater style licks for the outro on my Ibanez RGย 

auto panned/stereo chorus etc.ย 

Finished up on cakewalk for final touch ups.ย 

Only ย short ย like most of my tracks.ย  Any feedback welcome I can take good or badย ๐Ÿ˜ย 


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12 hours ago, Wookiee said:

Interesting very similar to the opening track I listened to byย Klaus Schulze from 2012. Sounds OK here.

Never heard of Klaus Schulze before so went & checked out some of his music, wow amazing stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

I did aย ย searchย for the person that uploaded the loop ย I used & it was a twelve year old boy back in 2015 it was called Atmosphere.

Thanks for the reply appreciated.

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4 hours ago, freddy j said:

Not being a synth or MIDI guy, I didn't understand your description above.ย  However, no matter!ย  I loved the sounds and the mix sound very good!ย  Nice!!!

I'm not a synth or midi guy either I just make it up as I go. Mainly into playing guitars self taught.ย  The Dubstep Growler is just an effect on a keyboard in the Soundtrap DAW, much the same as in Bandlab DAW. I'm not a keyboard player but just hit notes using my mouse that sound the part for the idea in my head. Sometimes the final track sounds decent sometimes horrific but still good fun learning.

Thanks for listening & commenting freddy j

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17 hours ago, bjornpdx said:

I kept waiting for it to take off, like I was listening to an intro. Maybe that's your intention? Good soundscape nevertheless.

Thanks Bjorn. I'm only good for short tracks,ย licks & ditties,ย someone with more skills than me could turn it into something great.

I have the attention span of a gnat, I start something then another idea pops into my head & the first project gets left behind๐Ÿคช

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