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Export issue

Szymon Grzegorek

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Hello everybody, 
I've got the export problem in cakewalk - but only in some projects. 
After some googling, I checked the plugins inside problematic projects, first my guess was on acoustica plugins, they are heavy on the ram, but (except of smoother daw work) they weren't a problem. Then I removed also TB plugins, and one of the project started to be exportable, but the other is not. The rest of the plugins I use from years (TDR, Izotope and Valhalla) or are cakewalk's one.
It's not memory issue, there's also bo crash report, all is happening when I try to export is: cakewalk is turning off, and in export folder appears empty wav file.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance:)



In CakewalkCore\Minidumps\Plugins Folder the only info I got is:

Cakewalk Plug-in Crash Dump (C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll)

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I have similar issue with the latest update. Not quite the same, but similar.

I have no problem exporting as wav, but on many of the projects often time I can not export as mp3. It renders so fast, resulting 0 kb mp3 file on complete.

Unfortunately, I can not exactly figure out what went wrong (or reproduce the problem), coz sometime the mp3 export works fine after I restart Cakewalk.

Kind of often random result in case of exporting as mp3. IIRC, it never happened before last update.

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