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8Dio Anthology Strings update/revision

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Hi folks,

Owners of 8Dio's Anthology (or Adagio) Strings instruments might want to check their inboxes for an upgrade code to their newest release. I got one yesterday that gave me 48 hours to download the latest edition of Anthology Strings, and I think it might be the updated version that fixes an issue I was having with Kontakt 6 and the Anthology GUI. 

I'm not actually completely sure about that, mind you, as I find 8Dio's update methodology to be a bit obscure (not to mention their product naming and packaging schemes), and I am still downloading the current edition and haven't tried it out yet. This new version seems to have a bunch of new patches and additional content, and has been named "The New Adagio Bundle - Anthology Strings", which I think is a different name from the original Anthology Strings.

I won't likely get a chance to take a look at it for a day or two, due to busyness, so I figured I'd give folks a heads up on the 48 hour deadline, in case this arrived in their spam folders or something. 



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