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Video as promised


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Just made a video to demonstrate the possibilities¬†CbB has, if you know how to do it. We still need that thing people keep asking for though! I forgot its name.¬†ūüėÖ

FWIW: We just need to remove some limitations on cropping and loop playback so that we can HEAR what we're doing as I have requested before, please. The steps of bouncing to track could've been eliminated if these restrictions were gone, so that we can create better samples. 



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 Will , I'll probably Never use the procedure as intended from this video.  What I have taken from it ..  is seeing you use the Saturation knob to bring out the sub frequencys in a sample. It just worked Wonders on an acoustic kick track where I wanted  a Really deep thud .   Using it with the high frequency setting , also brought out the sizzle I wanted on a snare and cymbol.  They both seemed to go beyond just using aggresive EQ.  Sometimes it's only just  a passing comment (or act) that can makes a big difference.    (good or bad)                Thanks ..   mark 

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