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AmpleSound LapSteel, Banjo and Ukulele Updates + 25% Discount

Jason Morin

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Ample Sound has updated Lapsteel and Banjo to v1.5 and Ukulele to v3.5 with native M1 support, Native accessibility, and Guitar Pro 8 tab reader. All Ample Sound products are native M1 with this update. 🎵🎶


We are also running a sale for ASL, AEBJ and AEU with a 25% off discount until November 10, 2022.







New Features:


  • Native support for Mac M1 machines.
  • Native accessibility support on both Windows and Mac.
  • Tab Reader supports Guitar pro 7 and 8 format.
  • Improved sample engine, memory management, and efficiency.
  • New VST3 parameter system.
  • Updated AAX format version.
  • Added support for multiple sample rate.
  • Improved DSP algorithms such as impulse response.
  • Optimized UI display.
  • New standalone – Rectangles.
  • Riffer now supports 64 measures at max, with navigation markers.
  • Added Sync feature in Delay.



Issue Fixed:


  • Fixed a potential problem related to the DAW clock.
  • Fixed a potential problem in the process of loading sample library.
  • Fixed an issue of the velocity sense parameter.
  • Fixed potential crash caused by a bug in main panel and Strummer UI.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in Strummer, Riffer, and the conversion between Strummer pattern and riff.



Ample Sound users can update for free through the MyAmpleSound webpage:




Take Care 🥰🥰



Want to know more about AmpleSound ? Here's one link to rule them All 😎


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25% OFF until November 10th on the following 3 virtual instruments:


-Ample Ethno Banjo: https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=37
-Ample Ethno Ukulele: https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=24
-Ample Slide LapSteel: https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=39




Have a Great Week!


+++++++++NEW ELECTRIC GUITAR COMING SOON ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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