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Feature Request - Pro Channel EQ Updates Needed

Xel Ohh

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6 hours ago, Xel Ohh said:

That sounds awesome I'm in 4 libraries right now just got signed to a new one recently. Learning the ropes myself got a couple of placements already on about 6 different shows. So far I'm enjoying it but I hate the waiting for approved tracks and placements .. but it's cool to hear your song on a show... That's one of the reasons I like the Arranger and the new export option that cakewalk has done. Good luck on that medieval track that you're working on..😀

That's great man, congrats. 99% of the folks making music never get to the stage of having it heard on TV...you're part of a very select club. Once you've had like 100 placements some of the novelty of hearing them on TV will start to wear off though 😃.

The new Export module is fantastic, although I had to persuade Noel to add the export by folder option - IDK if you've had to deliver stems yet but it it makes it super easy for those of us that need to. Love the Arranger too  but I mostly use it to define the Export area of my track so the Alt Mixes will always be the exact same length. 

PM me if you want to chat Libaries, I'll tell you which ones have sucked for me !

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On 9/30/2022 at 2:47 PM, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

you have to kinda make it sound like you sampled stuff you actually played 😆

This is a common task around my house, but with different source material. I do ambient instrumentals, and dialog samples are a staple in that genre (and fun to collect). My issue is that since I sample them on my computer, direct from Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime, they come through sounding really high fidelity.

Which is wonderful for actually watching shows and movies, but unfortunately sounds like crap when used in the context of ambient music "dialog samples," which typically fall just this side of "telephone" as far as tonal balance, dynamic range, and noise. There's a reason that speech is so intelligible even on a cheap telephone, and it holds true for full mixes: make it sound like a phone call and it'll cut right through. If I don't process it, it sounds about as appropriate as hard rock electric guitar with no distortion. It's not "dialogue," it's just someone talking over the music.

Cymatics Origin is a popular freebie that allows you to add noise, wow, and sample rate reduction. I used it for a while, but finally ponied up for the industry standard, XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color, and it was worth every penny. I found exactly the sound I wanted in seconds with RC-20, whereas with Origin, I could get pretty close with a certain amount of fiddling. If you have call to make things sound "dusty" on a regular basis, it's RC-20.

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