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FR: Loop Construction.

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Even though i'm not permanently in CbB anymore, I would still like it to grow in to a well-oiled DAW. It has all the abilities of  90% the requests made as "New Features" already at our finger tips, but they're locked. The one i'm making now is an old favorite I used a lot and occassionally still use everytime I fire up Cakewalk.

Here goes . . . 

This is two requests as one, because they go together, but currently works independently it seems.  So i'll start with the big one everyone keeps requesting, which is already available in Cakewalk - and that's VARISPEED! Yes, people . . . Cakewalk have always had the ability to do varispeed for years. I've always used it even though it was a real pain to create, but ultimately every single time I would get a perfect result. 

Requesting to have the pitch and the format/fine tune buttons as an envelope in the clip automation section on the track itself as shown in the picture. 


The second one is to have these sync'd. The Loop construction playhead and the TV has always been out ouf sync'd. Though, for some reason I can swore they were synced in X1 LE and X1 producer. This was many moons ago, so i'm not entirely sure if they were. 

It's an oldie, but it served me well over the years with transposing 808 kicks, speeding up short vocal samples and still retain its natural tone. It was a pain creating the effect and getting the timing perfect, but like i said - it was always worth it. It was my old secret in Cakewalk, but I think it's time we introduce it to everyone. 


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