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TugGlicento - Multi-FX Plugin (Free)

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TugGlicento is an audio effect plugin for Windows (VST3) and Mac (VST AU) that can play multiple effects simultaneously.


  • Variable speeds for each line
  • 5 Band independent moog filter (edge of self resonance)
  • 5 band ADSR and LFO (syncable) for filter 
  • Effects for each line 
  • Variable beats for each line.
  • Variable duration for each line.
  • Matrix.
  • Randomization.
  • Presets.



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It's pretty, but not impressed by demo video. 
I expected to be wowed but instead after a couple seconds got bored.  Could be the demo or maybe it's not my jam.
Unfortunately just don't have time to play with it at the moment to determine true potential.
I'd be real interested to hear what others think of it or hear some ear opening examples...

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