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Colin Nicholls

Polar Blue 2020 Cakewalk Theme (updated Apr 2020)

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Happy July 4th, folks.

I'd been using a theme called "Polar Blue (SteveC)" originally created for SONAR Platinum and posted on the old forums by Steve Cocchi. I liked it very much, apart from one or two minor things that I have altered. It also needed one or two changes to bring it up to date for Cakewalk By Bandlab, mostly logos and performance meters.

I reached out to Steve, and with his blessing I am making the 2019 version of "Polar Blue" available to the forum.

Please note that everything that is good about this theme was put there by Steve Cocchi. There are quite a few subtle things in the theme that you might not notice at first, but I think are an improvement.


Updated 2020-04-11
Changes: Support for Inspector Tabs and Arrangement Play for 2020.04 release

Polar Blue 2020.zip



Earlier versions:

Updated 2019-09-08
Changes: Improved contrast in Export control module; subtle color tweaks for clarity; consistent track header icons; tweaked Show Take Lanes icons; simplified "edit" icons in Piano Roll View track list; miscellaneous other minor fixes and adjustments.

Updated 2019-07-22
Changes: Now with support for Export control module; New transport buttons; improved  icons for zoom; new icons for audio engine and MIDI panic; ruler background color.

Polar Blue 2019.zip

(this older version may be removed at a later date)

Edited by Colin Nicholls
updated theme, screenshot, for Apr 2020
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Looks good, Colin!   Thanks for keeping it alive.  😊

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