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Riot Audio Phonetic Intro Offer

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Check out our latest development - a syllable-based multi-layer vocal instrument capable of pads, pulses, keys, organ sounds, risers and much more.


PHONETIC is a sample-based vocal morphing engine for Native Instrument's Kontakt 6. It is loaded with 44 female and male vowel/consonant performances recorded across a broad range of pitches, arranged in three layers: Body, Loops and Air.

The over 3000 total possible sound combinations can be sculpted into evolving pads, pulses, pad/pulse combinations, and also keys and riser sounds with the Shape, Morphing and Movement controls in the user interface.

PHONETIC contains ready-made 125 presets, ranging from minimalism-inspired looping female single syllables, via gently evolving formant-filtered pad sounds, to gritty distorted riser sounds.


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