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Sustain Pedal Trouble with Keyscape

Alex Woodward

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Hi Guys,

Using an old Technics piano - the original pedal board broke and can't find a replacement (and the cable used has an usual fitting).

I am now trying to run a generic Stagg sustain pedal through my td3 drum module which is working, but registering as CC4 rather than CC64 within Cakewalk (going through the foot controller/hi hat input)

Is there a way for me to fix this - I want to have the sustain working in real time while I play (just copying over the data once recorded onto the CC64 channel for playback wont do)?

Unfortunately I can't see a way of assigning anything to the sustain function within Keyscape (can Midi learn/assign the pedal to everything bar sustain as there is not a sustain knob/button, or specific settings option as in Pianoteq).

Many thanks,








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Only way I can think of involves some creativity (read kludginess) and a couple 3rd-party plugins:

You can use any of a number of free 3rd-party MIDI FX plugins to change the controller number (e.g. TenCrazy's 'CC Map' - https://tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/) but since MFX are applied to the output of the MIDI track you need to get that re-mapped output to the input of the MIDI track driving the synth in order to get real-time results.

The easiest and best way (no latency) I know of (credit to scook for finding these) is to use one of CodeFN42's VSTi MIDI plugins like MIDIChFilter to create a virtual port that the second track can use as Input for the modified MIDI. VSTi-based plugins require an audio track to work in CW, so this should be inserted as a Simple Instrument track and then insert the CC Map MFX in that track's MIDI FX Bin and set the desired mapping. Then set both  the output of your keyboard and pedal tracks to the MIDIChFilter 'synth' and set the input of your Keyscape track to the MIDI Out port presented by MIDIChFilter (make sure MIDI Output is enabled in synth options when you insert it):


If you need more step-by-step, click-by-click instructions to make sense of this let me know. If CodeFN42 offered a CC Mapper plugin, that would somewhat simplify things, but I don't believe they do.

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As an alternative, you could get another device that sends out sustain messages: https://www.thomann.de/gb/midi_solutions_footswitch_to_midi_controller.htm

The advantage of this device is that it merges the MIDI output of your piano with the pedal CC64 messages, so they come out of a single MIDI output.  It's pricey though.

However, a much cheaper solution (which I used myself for a while) is to get a Miditech i2-mini 32 (£36), and plug any generic sustain pedal into it.  You can get sustain pedals for around £10 - £20.  Stagg do one for £10 :  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stagg-21203-Keyboard-Piano-Sustain/dp/B00EZPBA0U/ref=sr_1_2

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