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Sampletank 4.0.5 Update 3rd July 2019

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SampleTank 4 - Ver. 4.0.5 - Release Notes

Changes from version 4.0.4:

  • Added Tooltip display when hovering over the main bar icons
  • Added assigned note info for instruments with multiple articulations
  • Improved smooth scrolling in Library browser
  • Selecting “Load Instrument” now focuses on the corresponding Part number
  • Optimized character limit for Part/Note value input in virtual pads
  • Loading Syntronik Multis now remove previously loaded instruments on Parts 5-16
  • Fixed built-in Mod Wheel not sending MIDI CC values to assigned MIDI correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Pads Mode not reacting properly after recalling saved project
  • Fixed an issue with Auto Pan potentially affecting audio when depth set to 0
  • A Sound Library Update 1.4 is available. This adds new Brass and Woodwind instruments with key-switchable articulations and fixes an issue with Trombone 2 Staccato not installed properly (available for ST4 MAX and Standard only)
  • Added a new key switch articulation instrument: Cuban Trumpet (available for ST4 MAX and Standard only)
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