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Jesse Wolfe

Track Template Sucking In Entire Folder

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Hey Guys

Track Templates. I have read most of the old threads around multi timbral synths and track templates, and I may be running into those issues, it's really hard to say. Sounded like it always LOOKED ok when using the template but all the inputs were messed up and other issues.

I have a bunch of tracks (all with outputs to the same instance of a multi soft synth). I try to make a template of just ONE track. But when I use the template (it's 12M good god) I get ALL the tracks that were relating to the softsynth.  In fact, I got another soft synth created with the same parameters!

So I think, OK, its because I'm inside the folder. The documentation seems to imply that if you make a template of a track in folder you will make a template using all the tracks in the folder, and the instrument itself was defined in the folder so it also got coped. So, I moved the track OUT of the folder, and tried making a template again. Again, the template was 12M, and again when I tried to use it to create another track, it created all the tracks in that previous folder! It's like it has to grab all the tracks that relate to an instrument? Is this how it's supposed to work?

I am SURE I did not CTRL-select multiple tracks. I had only one track # highlighted. I thought this was gonna save me time as all the tracks I would create would have the correct sends and track color and inputs, but it wasted the whole labor day afternoon instead.

Sound familiar?

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