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Cakewalk and Game Development(Improvements for Sound Design)

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Hello Guys, i use the cakewalk for development game audio and I would like to give my opinion about the problems I encountered.

I use cakewalk for a little less than a year and the main problem I encountered was the lack of some audio editing features, for example, changing the pitch is somewhat more difficult than in other softwares like Reaper, this entails a waste of time that would be essential for the progress of my work,.

I know most of the features are already there but they seem to be hidden from users for some reason, I think I speak for most new users when people need more clarity in the editor, something else that will be of great help is a better repagination and performance of the browser, since sometimes we work with giant amounts of files.

I think that for a great idea it would be interesting that in the future we could use cakewalk in direct connection with a game engine, such as Godot, since it is a very promising and open source engine.




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