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Few years away - Q1 - Output levels


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Hi all


Been a few years since I've recorded anything - about 6 to be precise! Although I've always updated the software with the intention of recording, but just never get round to it. Anyway, got some time today to have a play and hit 2 walls already (will create 2 threads to not confuse things), likely to be related to my interface, but hoping you guys can help here :) So my setup is Cakewalk Bandlab (original bought X1 I think, and upgraded right through to latest version, Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interfacen and Adam A3X monitors.


On my old PC, I've have the monitors set at 0dB and control the output levels from the 'Monitor' dial on my interface. I'm now on a different PC and the 'Monitor' dial seems to do nothing, and the output is incredibly loud! I've had to turn the actual monitors down to 1 notch above 'Off'. I can turn the 'Monitor' dial right down on my interface, and the volume remains the same, looks like it's purely managed by the dials on the monitors themselves.


I suspect this is a setting I've missed (or forgotten about in Scarlett MixControl, or something within Cakewalk itself. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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