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Softube TAPE ECHOES : $15 for owners of Dirty Tape


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I keep getting error  "Invalid code. Note that some voucher codes requires that you are logged in."   ...and I am logged in.

Also, now I remember that Softube is no longer accepting PayPal for U.S. customers, which was a deal killer for me when I was going to buy Tape recently.

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2 hours ago, stony said:

Forwarded from another source and a here well-known and heavily missed person:

Owners of Softube Dirty Tape can get Tape Echoes
for $15 with code TAPEECHOESFOR15. You must be
logged in and select the upgrade for the coupon to work!
48 Hrs only!


Ah ha!  There's a little banner up on the picture that says "Click to see your upgrade price", THEN the code will work in your Shopping Cart.  Now to decide if I need another tape delay and if I want to give them my Credit Card...  🤔

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Choose the Upgrade for $24 then use the code.

If you don't remember buying Softube Dirty Tape, check to see if you picked it up anyway.

I had no interest in Dirty Tape, though I am a big fan of delays/echoes.  But since Dirty Tape was free, I said, "why not?"  Thank you @DrShelder and @stony.

Edited by User 905133
to suggest that even if someone didn't remember buying Dirty Tape, maybe they picked it up as a freebie and thereby qualify for the upgrade; fixed typo
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Ayyy thanks for this! I have the IK tape delay which has some similar features but am always looking for stuff like this to recreate the sound of delay I used to do on reel to reels. Looking forward to trying this one out out (out) (oouutt) (ooouuuttt)!

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