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Destire Soner

Cakewalk Latency or Lag With Zoom U24 Audio Interface

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To those who have a similar problem with latency issues "feeling" more delay than it actually says, I found an odd solution that seemed to fix this problem. The reason I say this is because when using my WASAPI Exclusive drivers on my midi keyboard had a noticeably less lag than if I were to use my Zoom U24 Audio Interface.

To fix this, every time I open Cakewalk, I would close the start menu and open preferences. I'd go under Audio > Devices and uncheck all input and output drivers and hit Apply. Then I would check both again and hit Apply then Close. From there I can open any projects with a noticeably lower latency. Note, this also fixed my random audio dropouts and crackling noise.

I wasn't surprised to see some compatibility issues when using this on Cakewalk after seeing the Manual's tested DAWs didn't have Sonar in it. But after finding this weird fix, I hope to help other people who may have a similar issue with this Audio Interface or some other brands.

If anyone finds a permanent fix that would help us all please leave in your say



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@Destire Soner,

Welcome to Cakewalk by BandLab and to the forum.  Thank you for taking time to share your observation and latency solution with us.

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