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'M-Tango Orange' Theme

Matthew White

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'M-Tango Orange' Cakewalk Theme is derived from my 'M-Silk' Theme but has darker backgrounds and off/unselected buttons, most on/selected buttons have been changed to orange as has most of the text, all inspired by a can of 'Tango' fizzy Orange drink. 

A few other small changes have been made here and there including the coloring/shades of the Audio and MIDI meters and a new on/off button for the Pro-Channel Strips, text color for clips in the track lanes have been left white (light blue when selected) as orange clashes and can become illegible if the Audio/Midi data behind it is also orange, the colors used here seem to work well whatever the background data color.

As with any Theme, and especially using colors like this, I know it won't be to everybody's taste but it's another Theme in the list of choices for the Cakewalk community to use if they do like it.

Free Download Here.... 'M-Tango Orange' Cakewalk Theme

A combined total of around 150 hours, sometimes much more, goes in to creating each Theme I make, then there's more time spent to update them whenever BandLab makes changes or additions to the Cakewalk GUI to ensure any changed or new items display correctly and match the Theme, I also don't make all these Themes for myself, it's more of a hobby and to share the end results with the Cakewalk Community for their use and enjoyment at no charge, Any Tips/Donations via the following link for my time and efforts in creating and updating these are greatly appreciated, however small. Thank You! ❤️ https://www.paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite




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