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Cakewalk keeps suddenly freezing on pause



Let me describe my problem pretty quick:

I've been using SONAR (Cakewalk) by Bandlab  on my PC for around 2 years now, everything worked without any issues until now.

Since the last update, when I open a project, hit play and then PAUSE, it's suddenly freezing and crashes. I already took a look at the Windows event log which just said that it has crashed...

Now the weird thing is, that i never changed anything in the program settings since i used it, which is why i am curious what could be the reason for that. 

I'd be glad to get any help on that


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When it hangs next, capture a minidump as per Noel's explanation here: 

You'll want to zip that file and upload it to a sharing platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and get it to Support.  They'll be able to tell you where the fault lies (be it in Cakewalk, or a plugin or whatever) and advise you on what to do next. :) 


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