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Bill Campbell

Trying to create an Instrument Definition for the Roland JD-08

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When I attempt to increment through the patches the unit jumps from A-11 to B12, A44, A48 etc.…  The 'Program Change' section in the manual reads simply ‘Selects the step sequencer pattern.’  So it seems lot a lot is missing here.     Does anyone know how the values in the brackets below are determined?  I stole those from my instrument definition for the Roland D-05.   Also tried '0' and '1'.  Also tried the various bank select methods....  "0", "1", etc......

*** My instrument section looks like this right now......

[Roland JD-08]
Patch[11145]=Roland JD-08 Bank 2
Patch[11144]=Roland JD-08 Bank 1

Roland_JD-08.ins JD-08_reference_eng01_W.pdf

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