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Jason Lashua

Allow a special track to serve as a group "master" - Control Surface Friendly group option.

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Since cakewalk doesn't have the notion of "VCA" tracks, the next best thing is to just use a quick group, or add the tracks to a group to preserve their relationships when making adjustments - works just like a VCA track ...except when you use a control surface. There's no way to "CTRL-click" with the control surface. Cakewalk could probably use something like a VCA track, except it doesn't even need to be a special kind of track.

  • A user could add an aux track and add it to a group
  • The group manager could have an option where "track x is master" 
  • Individual track fader movements are allowed while grouped, the track assigned as the "master" controls the group itself. 
  • Boom. VCA masters without having to engineer an entirely new (and unnecessary) feature with a simple modification of the existing behavior. 


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