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New E-Book by Craig Anderton for $19.95

jesse g

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Hey All,

Craig Anderton has a new E-Book out called, Max Your Mix: Tips & Tricks to Take Your Mixes to the Next Level. ~~~>  Sold only at Sweetwater for $19.95

The mix is where your tracks come together into your personal, musical statement. The definitive e-book covers the entire mixing process — the initial mixing mindset, using plug-ins such as EQ and dynamics effectively, virtual instruments, monitoring, mixing with MIDI, automation, sidechaining, mix referencing, and much more. Written by industry legend (and award-winning engineer) Craig Anderton, you’ll discover tips and tricks learned over decades of experience in the studio. These techniques apply to DAWs in general, but you’ll also find specific examples for Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase, and Digital Performer.

Free updates!

Even better, this is an exclusive Sweetwater Publishing e-book with free updates. We know technology is always changing, and information gets out of date. That’s no longer a problem! Sweetwater’s e-books are revised periodically. Not only do new buyers get the latest information, but e-book buyers can also download free updated versions, just like software “point” versions that go from 2.0 to 2.1. If the changes are so extensive that a new edition is required, changing from software version 2.0 to version 3.0, for example, owners of the current book can purchase the new edition at a reduced price.

Being available only as a downloadable PDF file keeps the price affordable compared to print books — and, of course, there’s a search function. Also, click on a link in the table of contents or the body of the book, and you’ll immediately jump to the section you want to read.

With 292 pages, 229 four-color images, and over 84,000 words, this clearly written, easy-to-understand book is essential reading for creating innovative, compelling mixes.

Table of contents

Chapter 01 | Mixing Essentials

Chapter 02 | Technical Basics

Chapter 03 | Mixing with Computers

Chapter 04 | Plug-Ins

Chapter 05 | Combining Effects

Chapter 06 | Mixing and MIDI

Chapter 07 | Prepare for the Mix

Chapter 08 | Adjust Equalization (EQ)

Chapter 09 | Dynamics Processing

Chapter 10 | Additional Effects

Chapter 11 | Sidechaining

Chapter 12 | Create a Soundstage

Chapter 13 | The Audio Architect

Chapter 14 | Automation and Parameter Control

Chapter 15 | How to Use Mix Referencing

Chapter 16 | Final Timing Tweaks

Chapter 17 | Review and Export

Appendix A | MIDI Basics

Appendix B | Mixing with Noise



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2 hours ago, Bapu said:

Ordered this to support Craig. I also got Bitwig 8-Track free. So, I have that going for me.

Upgrade to Bitwig Studio 4 on sale  at   ~~~> Musiciansfriend Only $129.99  for a limited time.

sorry, the upgrade offered was for any earlier version of Btwig Studio 😧

Edited by jesse g
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6 minutes ago, Bapu said:

"With this upgrade, you unlock the latest version of Bitwig Studio. Only valid if you own an earlier version of Bitwig Studio."

I only got Bitwig 8-Track. 😞 


I corrected my post Bapu

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