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Tony Banks Keyboards.

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If you want some of these inside your DAW, there's a few free/paid options around:

RMI Electrapiano - RMI-EP: https://plugins4free.com/plugin/2482/
Mellotron M400 - Tapeotronic:       https://plugins4free.com/plugin/799/
Hammond Organ - Spinet Hammond VL-122:   https://plugins4free.com/plugin/1490/
ARP ProSoloist - ProSolo:       https://plugins4free.com/plugin/1491/
ARP Quadra - Quadra ($39)       https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/quadra-synthesizer

ARP 2600:
tonus 2620: https://plugins4free.com/plugin/2669/
CA2600 ($25)       https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/ca2600-synthesizer

The free ones are all 32-bit, but so far I've had no issues running them with both BitBridge and JBridge.

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