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Piano roll trouble

Frankie Deschacht


Hi all,

I am having the greatest trouble trying to edit a drum track in the piano roll in Cakewalk for Bandlab (latest version) on Windows11.

  • When I use the  pencil tool,either notes do  not appear, or they  do after a good few clicks, or they appear in the wrong place, ie. a different place than the place I clicked on.
  • The copy&paste function seems dodgy:  when I do CTRL&A, notes get left out (always the first note especially), the same for CTRL&C, when  pasting with CTRL&V, not all notes get pasted and some motes appear in the wrong places.

It is just a nightmare trying to get a drum track in place in the piano roll.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Is it a bug in CW or have I missed something?

Any help will be very much appreciated.



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You should either read the documentation articles about PVR or watch the many tutorial videos on the topic. That’s how we all learned how to use advanced features of Cakewalk. The hard way is to blindly poke at buttons. 

Go to the tutorials here


I have my ow series as well 



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5 hours ago, Frankie Deschacht said:

"Is it a bug in CW or have I missed something?"

It's something you missed. I agree with John Vere. There is no way that I could give you a better picture than the manual. The midi editing is great.

However from what you have said I make a few suggestions that may or may not help.

1) Make sure you have zoomed enough to get a good look at what you are doing.

2) Make sure you understand the global snap settings & the interaction with the snap setting that PRV has. I always use the global settings if I am using snap.

3) Check out the step sequencer, it is good for short parts that can be copied out if you wanted to.

4) Check out what quantize can do and if it it something you want to use. I use it set at about 90% because it saves me a lot of time.


5 hours ago, Frankie Deschacht said:





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