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Synth Rack Icons (FR)

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Excuse me if this has been covered before...

I know the difference between setting a 'default' synth icon, in that it will always load the same icon with the synth when another instance is loaded.
I also know that if several instances of the same synth are loaded in the synth rack, each with different icons, and saved in the project, they will return on next open with the saved icons.
I would like to propose some discussion on having  different synth icons saved when exporting a track template and how difficult that would be for the Bakers.
Let us assume this is my preferred BBCSO string setup (in a folder) to be saved as a Track Template:


...and this is my Synth Rack Layout for above tracks:


It would be really nice if the icons pasted into the Synth Rack could be saved and recalled in a Track Template.

Thoughts anyone?

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