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Unable to open playback device...


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I have a project that I produced with Sonar Plantinum and I have been using the Cakewalk by Bandlabs for about a year. So I opened that project with Bandlab and after saving it, I get this message...

Unable to open audio playback device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use.

For help, please visit:


or contact Cakewalk Technical Support.



All my projects and hardware are working totally fine but this specific one appears to have the problem. Changing audio inputs and outputs have no effects. I am pretty sure this is a software problem and not hardware. I don't know if I am missing anything but it also seems I cannot find the master output anywhere. Preferences all good and same as other projects that work.

Any help would be appreciated



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This usually happens when something else has taken control of the audio driver. What else have you got running on your system? It might be the case of even something like Chrome running in the background which is trying to play something at a different sample rate than Cakewalk.

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 If it would not load in safe mode then the project may be corrupted. If you have set preferences for auto-save and/or versioning try to load one of those (look in the help system for "recover")

Copy all the tracks into a new, empty project, close the bad one, see what happens. 

Check in preferences that your proper audio I/O drivers are selected. (You can do this before opening the project)

Delete any master (out to hardware busses), insert new stereo master bus, assign to your audio hardware outputs, then assign all tracks to the master bus.

This is a bit drastic, but if the project contains MIDI tracks, try saving as MIDI 1 file. Then if it also contains audio, check <Project><Audio Files> for the locations of the audio clips in the project.

Open a new project, import the midi file, then locate and import the audio files from the above location and rebuild the project.

If that works, consider 'auto-save' and/or save as 'bundle' CWB file in future. 

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Thanks guy for these tips. I managed to open the project. It had nothing to do with the above. It was all drivers...Working with the Integra 7, which I love the quality and the sound possibilities, and a Focusrite, I have to use ASIO4ALL...driver and that means that I have to override the normal settings. When you try to do something else, the program just doesn't recognize anything. I believe that this is the only point where Cakewalk and Sonar Platinum that I have from many years ago, cannot select multiple devices for AUDIO & MIDI. If you select Audio Focusrite Scarlet, the Integra becomes greyed out. If you select Integra 7 then the Focusrite is greyed out. This become frustrating when you are trying to listen to Audio that you have recorded through Focusrite and add from Integra 7 some realistic midi sounds at the same time. With the ASIO4ALL I can do this but I know there is some quality loss that I can hear. And in order to be able to listen, I have to use the output of the Integra 7 connected to the Focusrite inputs, but this takes away my Mic input if I want to sing while all these are playing. Everything is easy if I have them recorded as AUDIO and disconnect the Integra 7 and use the Focusrite. If the Integra 7 had a Mic or Instrument input, I would just get rid of the Focusrite or any other sound module I would need to play guitar, bass or sing...

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