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Feature Request: Includes "Cakewalk Reference Guide PDF" in installation.

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Hello all,

I'm just a bit surprised to find a PDF version of "Cakewalk Reference Guide" is here in the forum. Though it's the same as the online version, I think it's a must for every DAW to includes an offline copy of its reference guide to its user. We'll never know when the internet is out of reached and the reference guide is needed at the same time. This should aid the user to stay in the loops when it happens. 

I also want to complain that the reference guide doesn't come with a bookmarked table of contents. Jumping and navigating through pages have to be done through thumbnails and scrolling, not a fun way to do -_--_-

Loving this software. As a professional DAW developed and supported from years before Roland, to Gibson, and now Bandlab, I'll be hoping that "Cakewalk by Bandlab" will grow, maintain and deliver its professional level on every aspect (which includes the reference guide :D)

I also have to manually set this guide up on my "Windows Start Menu" (which I hope it was done automatically during installation):


So that's about my feature request: to include "Cakewalk Reference Guide PDF" together during the installation process, just like we had for "Theme Editor" documentation. Thank you! :)

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I am a big fan of the Cakewalk Reference Guide pdf file.   Morten Saether did an outstanding job converting and updating the manual.  I did not realize the guide was not included in the download once it became available.

The guide is updated with each update so it makes complete sense to me to include the latest copy with each update.

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